About Me

When I think of music, I experience it in many different colors, shades and tastes.

As there are so many diverse characters, various styles and combinations of music, it will always be exciting to explore this gift from the heart to its boundaries and enjoy new sounds.

Being a musician is challenging because you are in a constant mode of reflecting and redefining your work.

Music goes beyond a shallow surface, since it allows us to reveal our deepest and truest feelings. Making music means expressing yourself in a positive and at best in a dedicated and sincere way.

Music is a wonderful instrument of communication. It brings people together and allows them to share their ideas, thoughts and emotions.

No matter what style you sing in – whether it's rock, pop, metal, soul, jazz, or any other style, I would like to help you to further form the soul singer that you are (singing with all your heart, from depths of your soul). As singers we endeavor to bridge the gap between people and to speak from one soul to another. I would like to pass on to you what has motivated me to sing, perform, and to write music.



For voice lessons with me, please contact me anytime @ mariamaria-songbird.com
Thanks very much

Qualifications / Experience

  • Voice and Performance Coaching by Naomi Isaacs, Bianca Harrison (including several performance workshops)
  • 2009 Degree as Conductor for Choirs and Ensembles in the Field of Jazz/Rock/Pop Music, specialised in Singing/Voice (education as Conductor for Choirs and Ensembles in the Field of Jazz/Rock/Pop Music from 2007 until 2009 at "Jazz School", Munich)
  • Voice Coach at "Klangwerk", private music school in Munich, from April 2011 until November 2017
  • Voice Conference by Green Voices 2013
  • Voice Conference by Green Voices 2014
  • Voice Conference by Green Voices 2015

Maria Engelbrecht.Voice lessons in munich.