Voice Lessons

I give all-embracing voice lessons which are suited individually to each student’s needs. Every singer has different strengths and areas which are to be expanded. It is my job to find out in which areas the student needs accentuated assistance to better learn how to deal with their very own instrument "the voice" in a conscious and self-assured way.
By way of approved exercises I work out a complex singing technique for each individual student. Thereby we concentrate on the following areas:


A firm singing technique enables you to interpret the songs you sing in your very own individual way and make you become more and more versatile as a singer.

Besides establishing a firm singing technique by means of vocal exercises we will focus mainly on practising the songs which motivate you to sing, and I will help you by interpreting them close to the way you imagined. It makes no difference whether you would like to sing cover songs or whether you would like to work on songs you have written yourself. The development of a suitable and individual sound in your instrument "the voice" starts off by clearly imagining the sounds you are about to create. First of all, it is especially important for beginners to accept the natural sound of their voice so that they can work with their instrument in the most effective and healthy way. There are many successful singers who have achieved great things with an excellent voice. If we are tempted to try and sound like them and try to copy every aspect of their style, we will lose our individuality as an artist and give up our identity as a singer. It is my aim to support you in unfolding your individual and unique vocal abilities as well as to help you to develop your character and personalitiy as an artist. Just as we are all unique, one in a billion, we each have our own individual voice. Be grateful for it and take good care of it as well as the rest of yourself!

For voice lessons with me, please contact me anytime @ mariamaria-songbird.com
Sincerely yours, Maria