Songwriting / Composition

Besides singing, my favorite musical activities are to compose and to write songs. In my opinion we are able to interpret songs best if we can identify with what is being sung. This is exactly how we stay authentic for our listeners. I would like to support you in developing your ideas regarding songs. For example, if you have already written some lyrics, maybe even together with some changes / chords, and now you would like your song to become complete. For this purpose I would lead you in finding a distinct order in the structure of your song, for example how verse, bridge and chorus / hookline interact with each other, whilst working on a catchy but never a forced melody as just a paraphrase of what it's all about. In addition, I can assist you to create lead sheets electronically which help you to document and memorize your ideas exactly and assist you in presenting your songs to other musicians, whether playing in a band or with the accompaniment of a single musician, such as pianist or guitarist.