Pictures: © Omer Alibasic


Thanks very much to Wolfgang (guitar-arrangement for guitar) letting me be part as the singer of Caprice for about a year. Also thank you very much to our audience then. It was great rehearsing and performing wonderful cover songs with Caprice.



Seek and you shall find – as has so well been said.

That's exactly the way it went with Caprice …two flies at a single stroke…

During my search trying to find an eligible musician that would like to join Diamond Elephant, I met Wolfgang Hilmer, who was simultaneously looking for a singer to form a duo or a band playing demanding cover songs. More than I had expected, I found a musician in Wolfgang, that's not only a brilliant guitarist, but also knows how to really bring a song alive.

We would talk about common goals – and they were all identical – his and mine :D

At the moment we are working on a set of cover songs – adequate for any occasion.

We are very much looking forward to presenting them to you soon