diamond elephant


Diamond Elephant felt the need to express itself and lay the foundation for its existence in early Spring 2012.

Then, it was only me putting a few fragments of what were going to be songs, together; recording those bits and pieces on my little handy recorder.

So it all started with a few lines creeping into my head during the day or even in the middle of the night when I would find myself feeling the urge to get up and write down titles for songs or just a few lines.

After a while, I had a few song parts I could work with. The writing of the songs went pretty easy, somehow. It just seemed to keep flowing (Of course I can't leave out that – from time to time – they needed some work over, too ;D )

For a while, it was still unclear who was going to play those songs with me… until I met Wolfgang Hilmer with whom I sat down with to work on those songs. And it somehow clicked right away. I'm really happy I met this treasure in a guitarist. Very lucky that he keeps working with me on those songs. Originally I thought this was going to be a solo project. But since we went to record three songs @ Dreamsound Studios after only a few rehearsals, it became clear that this cannot be a solo project. Diamond Elephant are two musicians that can't be separated or replaced in any way.

Then, after a few rehearsals plus a few recordings we thought, well why not try and spice up the music by inviting some more musicians that would add the extra ingredients necessary to those songs. Tim Bouctou and Chris Eibl recorded bass and percussion and everyone felt really content about what turned out to be the 5 songs you find on Diamond Elephant's EP "In the Circle of My Dance"...

Love, ♥ Desi Diamond (singer/songwriter Diamond Elephant)
Wolfgang Hilmer (guitarist/arranger Diamond Elephant)
Yours, Diamond Elephant